Daisen Backpackers Infomation

Thank you so much for the reservation on this occasion.
Please confirm the following information.
If you have any questions, please contact us in Airbnb or Booking.com

Notes; ※Please make sure to check the following.

  • Check-in is from 4pm to 9pm.
    Check-out is from 7am to 10am.
    Please tell me the check-in time when you have decided upon the plan.
    Final check-in acceptance is at 9 in the evening.

  • You can use the Demand bus from the nearest station.
    For more information about Demand bus-click here(こちら)
    Please be careful, there aren't many buses on the weekends and national holidays.

  • Strengthening site security
    To everyone of guests, please show me your ID or passport when you check-in.
    If you do not have it, you can't be staying here so, please make sure you bring your ID or passport.

  • About amenity goods
    Please bring amenities, such as toothbrush, towels, pajamas,,, etc.
    There are soap, shampoo, and rinse in the bath.
    Feel free to use them!^^

  • About your valuables
    Keep an eye on your valuables please.
    In case of the loss, I am not responsible for any trouble that may occur.

  • We do not allow to eat or drink in the guest rooms.
    Please eat or drink in the 1F.

  • No smoking in this guest house.
    Please use the smoking area.
    It's in entrance before provisions.

Location & map;

Daisen Backpackers | 大山バックパッカーズ
123-39 kobayashi Hoki Tottori JAPAN | 鳥取県西伯郡伯耆町小林123-39
☎ (+81)0859575516

If you have old car navigation systems, you can't search this hostel by phone numbers.
Search it by street address.
If your car navigation system is map code model, search by map code.

Please click this map and go to google map!

↑Please click this map and go to google map!

If you are traveling by car;

You need an automobile tire for driving on snowy roads in winter season.

Look at the map.
There's parking area in the hostel.

  • The nearest interchange:
    Yonago do, Mizoguchi interchange, or Yonago do Daisen kogen smart interchange.(6am to 10pm. ETC vehicles equipped only)

  • Car navigation systems
    You can search the place by map code
    Daisen Backpackers
    mapcord252 461 173*1

  • There are many police trap around the pension village.
    So don't forget to fasten your seat belt, and you have to stop when you see the sign.
    Police officers are watching out for speeding cars.

If you travel by train;

General transportation, the nearest station is JR. Hakubi-sen Kishimoto.

  • If you come from Tottori direction:
    Transfer from San-in Honsen in Hoki-Daisen station to Hakubi-sen.
    The next station is Kishimoto.

  • If you come from Matsue direction:
    Transfer from San-in Honsen in Yonago station to Hakubi-sen.
    The third station is Kishimoto.
    From Kishimoto, you can ride Demand bus.

    Demand responsive bus
    These buses are Demand buses.

    About Demand bus,
    for inquiries please call at Demand bus booking center (+81)859-62-0734 or 0120-62-0734(Toll-free)

    The fee is ¥200/1ride
    Please tell the bus driver that your destination is “Daisen Penshon Mura”

    Bus stop at Kishimoto station

    weekday evening bus timetable
    from Kishimoto station
    5:20PM , 6:15PM , 7:05PM , 8:10PM

    boarding time is about 15 minutes.
    Please note that the weekend of the bus is few.
    Last bus is 6:15PM.

    The nearest bus stop is ”Pension village”.
    But maybe bus driver can't understand English.
    Please show to him these sentences.


    To bus driver
    They are guest for Daisen Backpackers.
    Please guide to ”Pension village”.
    Thank you!

From Bus Stop to Daisen Backpackers

①Bus driver drop you off at Pension village Entrance.
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②Go to straight.
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③You can see Daisen Backpackers signboard right side.
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④Welcome to Daisen Backpackers!
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about next morning bus



There is bus stop at Pension village Entrance.
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How to go to Mt.Daisen

If you want to go to Mt.Daisen from Daisen Backpackers.
Please take on "Daisen Loop Bus" .

After climb up Mt.Daisen,you can go to JR Yonago station.
Please take on shuttle bus.

Daisen Loop Bus 2016

Attention! Daisen Loop Bus 2016
Daisen Loop bus is suspended!
Service resumed, July 23th (Saturday).
Summer vacation period (July 23th to August 21th), and daily service.
Please check movement calendar →Here (Japanese only)

Daisen Loop Bus is the sightseeing bus route where you go around main tourist attraction in Mt.Daisen area.
It's moving focusing on the weekend and holiday on April 29th-November 6th.




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Daisen TempleーJR Yonago Station Bus Time Table

Attention!Bus is few.

  • Daisen Temple→JR Yonago Station
    Daisen TempleJR Yonago Station
  • JR Yonago Station→Daisen Temple
    JR Yonago StationDaisen Temple

about dinner

Our place is not convenient.
The restaurants which can be shown around here are some restaurant.

ゲストさんによくご案内するお店は →こちら? です。

最寄りのスーパーマーケットは →こちら? です。